Please switch to our new website now!

Our website is moving and improving. For creative and security reasons we have launched a fresh new website at   We do not plan to close our .com site immediately, but if you would like to enjoy the videos, new acquisitions and exhibitions that will only be available on the new site,  please switch now IMPORTANT: we...[Read more]

Artists who love trees – The Arborealists meet David Rolt at our new exhibition. Now online!

Artists who love trees, a new exhibition curated by Robert Eagle, that was due to open at Burgh House, Hampstead on June 3rd, has been transferred online. Please take a look at our 15 minute  video and catalogue featuring the artists and their work.  Shorter videos (about two minutes long) featuring each artist singly can also...[Read more]

Stan Smith – the last works

During a long stay in hospital in the months before he died, Stan Smith drew a remarkable series of more than 100 self portraits. These fearsomely honest drawings, compiled in half a dozen spiral bound A4 sketchpads, have been kept by his widow Kate since Stan's death in 2001. Many thanks to photographer Hugh Gilbert...[Read more]

Join us at the Connect Art Fair

  From January 29th till February 2nd we shall be showing some of of our finest new acquisitions at Connect, the independent art fair.  A new co-operative venture by dealers and specialists who believe that affordable art should also be good, Connect is just entering its second year with this show at the prestigious but...[Read more]

Bellany x 6 – six works you have not seen before

We are delighted to have received on commission six oil paintings by the great and glorious Scottish artist John Bellany. directly from a close relative of the artist.  They include works featuring several of Bellany's iconic motifs inspired by his early life in the God-fearing fishing village of Port Seton near Edinburgh as well as...[Read more]

Memories from a Summer Garden

When better than November to celebrate sweet summer days, lost but not forgotten! We have created this little show for our pages on It brings together works by a diverse group of artists in our gallery portfolio, all celebrating verdant nature and sunshine. You can browse the artist's works here or see them on...[Read more]

Lovers, languid and louche – the physical art of Inge Clayton

Inge Clayton (1942 - 2010) displays an uncompromising eroticism in her work reminiscent Egon Schiele, though warmer and less harsh. She has a special affinity for the male nude, which she portrays with a deft use of line that is both delicate and potent  We have brought together a small, diverse collection of her work...[Read more]

Harry Eagle’s frames get special mention in the Financial Times

Artist Luke Edward Hall's recent article on framing for the Financial Times focused on the frames Harry recently made for Luke Edward's major exhibition in Scotland. Well done, Harry. Many thanks, Luke Edward! Harry can be contacted via [email protected]      

Harry Eagle creates the frames for Luke Edward Hall’s show in Stockholm

Harry Eagle has been commissioned by coolest British artist and designer Luke Edward Hall to frame all the works for his new exhibition in Stockholm. []  

Invasion of golden horses

  A new artist has joined our gallery.  Her prestigious day job was costume and set designer for the Royal Ballet, Royal Shakespeare Company and leading theatre, dance and opera companies worldwide, but Kandis Cook is now devoting all her time to painting. Gold, black and white are the dominant colours of her minimalist palette. Her...[Read more]

The first show of 2019

Two young artists with very distinct style - Jack Ford and Beatrice Hasell-McCosh - get top billing in our radically refreshed show, which includes a heartening selection of works by Melissa Scott-Miller, Daniel Preece, Nicholas Hely-Hutchinson and Chelsea Arts Club veterans.   The show runs until January 27th at 125 Lavender Hill, London SW11; afterwards...[Read more]

Come and enjoy our Christmas pop-up show!

Until Christmas Eve we are borrowing a newly renovated premises at 125 Lavender Hill, Battersea SW11 with fine big windows and good lighting that work wonderfully as a gallery. We are offering a strong selection from several artists at prices to suit every pocket. We are open from 11.30am till 6.30pm daily.  Or you can...[Read more]

Our new, free, interactive brochure Ask for yours now!

We have put together an interactive brochure to display a hundred of the most striking works by great artists who feature in our gallery, with prices ranging from £200 to £12,000. The catalogue is interactive: click on an image or artist's name and you are taken straight to the page on the website where you can...[Read more]

Chelsea Special

For its centenary in 1991 the Chelsea Arts Club commissioned sixteen of its leading members to produce a portfolio of limited edition screenprints, which are becoming ever more sought after today. Over the next few weeks we are featuring the whole series here on our website and on artsy: This is a rare chance to...[Read more]

Bratby and Bellany go to Edinburgh

24 Royal Terrace is a boutique hotel in Edinburgh well known for the extraordinary selection of art that adorns all its walls. The hotel's new owner recently acquired some works by John Bratby and John Bellany from us, which we are delighted to show you here.

We love Provence!

House in the forest, by David Rolt Many of our artists have been as inspired by the south of France as any Impressionist. What better time of year than now to celebrate their work. For the next two months our gallery page on ARTSY features works created in Provence by Nicholas Hely-Hutchinson, Geoffrey Lefever, Stan Smith and David...[Read more]

‘I Love London’ opens at Burgh House, Hampstead on June 13th

Joey by Regent’s Canal, by Melissa Scott-Miller, oil on canvas You will rarely find four more distinctive and different artists together in the same room than at I love London, the exhibition opening at Burgh House in Hampstead on June 13th. Ranging from delicate studies of London’s domestic architecture to dramatic views of London in the...[Read more]

Celebrating the seniors!

During the coming weeks we  are featuring work by artists who have defied all fashion and decency by attaining the age of 75+ - but continue to do new stuff. The first of our celebrated seniors is Alex Wheeler, who used to be a sculptor but now finds chiselling stone a bit hard to manage and...[Read more]

Art at Home – major re-hang now in progress

The polar opposite of the conventional "white cube", our gallery at home in Chiswick is the best place to see works of art in a natural domestic setting. We have embarked on a major re-hang of our artists' work, allowing each their own space and displaying them alongside works that complement or contrast with them in...[Read more]

Reasons to be cheerful – a bold, bright seasonal show

Our winter show, Reasons to be Cheerful  continues at 6 - 10  Lexington Street, W1 till January 26th.  Specially chosen to warm up the darkest months of the year, this collection is curated to be bold, bright and modern. With a range of prices to suit every pocket and a completely original mix of contemporary and 20th century works,...[Read more]

Getting ready for first exhibition, age 77

  One of our aims is offer a showplace for the work of  artists who deserve greater recognition. David White is a veteran British artist who perfectly fits this category.  Now in his late seventies, David was an infant when the Luftwaffe was bombing British cities during World War Two. He became a pupil of the Manchester painter...[Read more]