Robert Eagle Fine Art

The Beach at Deal
Adrian Ryan

This watercolour is one of a pair that Ryan painted from the same location on the beach of the Kent resort of Deal. Just right of centre is a building flying a red, white and blue flag, which is the old Regent cinema (now the subject of a restoration appeal.) The taller building behind it is the Time Ball Tower. The ball, which can be seen beneath the mast on the top of the building, was triggered to fall at precisely 1pm every day by an electric signal directly from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The tower had also been used as a semaphore tower for signalling to passing ships in the English Channel.

If you like this picture we would recommend that you also consider the companion watercolour, Boats on the beach at Deal.  Both come in new handmade frames and are available for £495 for the pair.

Materials: Watercolour + pencil
Dimensions: 20 x 28 cm
Frame: Hand-painted wooden fram
Provenance: REFA acquisition
Signature: Signed Ryan lower right
Stock ref: 1000