Robert Eagle Fine Art

Dovecot at Frucourt
David Rolt

Dovecots - pigeonniers in French - are a feature of many country houses throughout France. They were often quite substantial buildings housing many hundreds of birds.


In the Middle Ages owning a pigeonnier was a privilege confined to the nobility, but this often caused friction with the local paysans who resented the seigneur's birds consuming their crops. Just another of those things that culminated in the French Revolution, when the nobility lost most of their privileges, including this one.


Most pigeonniers are empty of doves these days. Which does of course make them more pleasant to visit.

Materials: Watercolour
Dimensions: 32.5 x 48.5 cm
Frame: Mounted
Provenance: David Rolt Estate
Signature: Signed David Rolt 1957 lower right
Stock ref: 0115