Robert Eagle Fine Art

Stan Smith

Stan Smith was born in 1929 and grew up in a working class family in Hull. Apart from his natural talent for drawing, which he showed early on, few would have predicted the rough, tough baker's son would become Head of Fine Art at Oxford's Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Honorary Life President of The London Group, Member of the Royal Watercolour Society, Chairman of the Chelsea Arts Club - and a frequent exhibitor at the Royal Academy.

Stan Smith wrote and edited several educational books about drawing and painting. The illustrations he created especially for this purpose are generally quite distinct in style from his other work, so we have decided to put them in a separate category.

These paintings demonstrate the same technical brilliance, but they also show his ability, when necessary, not to let his natural exuberance as an original artist get in the way of teaching others how to develop their own talent.

All the pictures shown here are from the artist's estate and and come with a signed certificate of provenance. As well as oil paintings we also have a selection of his watercolours in stock, with more to follow soon. We also have the originals of illustrations created for his celebrated teaching guides to painting and drawing.

Illustration: Portrait of Stan Smith, etching by John Bellany (courtesy of Adrian Bartlett)