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More mystery portraits identified

The sitters for two more of the "mystery portraits" by artist David Rolt that were stored away and forgotten for over 25 years have now been identified.

Both are of well known British figures from the 1940s and post-war years.

One is of the writer and diplomat Harold Nicolson, now best known for his open marriage with Bloomsbury group luminary, Vita Sackville-West.

The other portrait is of popular comedienne Irene Handl, who starred in literally scores of British films between 1937 and 1987, when she passed away, much mourned by her many fans.

Both pictures come from the private collection that the artist left to his family in 1986. Since then they have travelled across the Atlantic and back again and only recently came to light, rolled up and stashed in storage boxes. Both pictures are now being cleaned and restored.