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Name the mystery sitter and win 20!

Many of David Rolt's portraits were of high fliers in the arts and high society during the 1940s, '50s and '60s. From his personal collection we have identified portraits of the actress Valerie Hobson, the Duchess of Westminster, and Xandra Walter, sister of Dracula icon, Sir Christopher Lee.

But there are some sitters we haven't been able to put a name to. Do you know how they are? We are offering a 20 thank-you to anyone who can provide a positive ID.

Go to our Portraits section and see if you can identify the sitter in any of these:

  • Lady wearing a blue jacket
  • Sisters
  • Boy in a yellow jumper
  • Gentleman in a white tie
  • Boy in a red striped shirt
  • Woman in a red dress
  • Lady in grey
  • Lady with a silk scarf
  • Lady in a ballgown
  • Lady in a blue dress
  • Lady in a fur hat

If you can reliably tell us who they are, we'd be delighted to hear from you at:

During the next few weeks we shall be posting more of David Rolt's mystery portraits, including some of the very touching drawings of children that he made throughout his life.

You may see someone you know!